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 Marsha Phillips
Craighead County Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is the collector of taxes for the county and collects municipal, county, school and improvement district taxes and turns them over to the County Treasurer. The Collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes from the first day of March to the 15th day of October during the calendar year after they are assessed.

Marsha Phillips
511 Union Street, Suite 107
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: (870) 933-4560
Fax: (870) 933-4519

Payment Information

Credit Card Payments

We can accept credit card payments on current and delinquent Real Estate and Personal taxes. Car tag renewals cannot be processed online until this office removes the unpaid block. Unpaid blocks should be removed by 10:00am the next business day.
phone service 1-866-257-2055
internet service accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and
Electronic Check.
The total amount will be adjusted to allow for the electronic processing of the transaction through the state’s eGovernment service provider,


Payments Made In Person

For your convenience payments can be made at the following locations:

Main Office
511 Union Street suite 107
Jonesboro, AR 72401


Delinquent Eastern District Real Estate taxes must be paid at the Lake City Courthouse
Lesia Couch
PO Box 537
Lake City, AR 72437


Frequently Asked Questions
• Can I pay all my taxes with one check? YES
• Can I get a tax receipt? (A receipt is generated at time of payment. If you pay by mail, you may send a self addressed stamped envelope to receive a copy.)
• To whom do I make the check payable to? Marsha Phillips, Collector

Millage Rate

What is a mill?
A mill is one-tenth (1/10) of one cent. What is the tax rate? The tax rate is the percentage of a properties total appraised value that an individual pays in property taxes. Arkansas pays an effective tax rate of less tan 1%.

These millage rates will show up on your 2014 tax bill that you receive in 2015.

If you live in the following School district and/or municipality your Millage Rate is as follows:


Real Estate & Personal
Jonesboro Rural


Jonesboro City


Bay Rural


Bay City




Black Oak


Bono City in Westside School District


Westside Rural


Cash City in WestsideSchool District


Egypt City in WestsideSchool District


Brookland Rural


Brookland City


Jonesboro City in Nettleton School District


Nettleton Rural




Lake City


Valley View Rural


Jonesboro City in Valley View School




Jonesboro City in Brookland School District


Jonesboro City in Westside School District


Jonesboro City in Bay School District


Lake City in Brookland School District


Buffalo Island






Tax Information

Craighead County Millage Rates (How to Compute Millage)

Arkansas statute sets out how taxes are to be computed. Take 20% of the assessed value of your real estate and multiply it by the correct millage rate. For instance, if you have a house assessed at $100,000 within the Jonesboro School District and also within the Jonesboro City limits you would compute your taxes by first taking the $100,000 and multiplying it by 20%.

Take the resulting $20,000 and multiply it by 0.04220 (millage for Jonesboro School District within city of Jonesboro) and the resulting $844 would be your taxes. This amount would exclude any Improvements Districts, Liens, Fire District and Timber Tax.

Personal property taxes are computed the same way. The Craighead County Assessor will assign a dollar value to your personal property, and the resulting total valuation will be multiplied by 20% and then multiplied by the millage rate.

Quorum Court

In addition to other powers conferred by the Constitution and by law, the Quorum Court shall have the power to override the veto of the County Judge by a vote of three-fifths of the total membership; fix the number and compensation of deputies and county employees; fill vacancies in elective county offices; and adopt ordinances necessary for the government of the county. The Quorum Court shall meet and exercise all such powers as provided by law.


Ken Stacks
PO Box 69
Jonesboro, AR 72403
Phone #: 870-931-8085


fred Bowers
801 French St
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone #: 870-972-6105


Jim Bryant
2009 Magnolia Rd
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone #: 870-932-9506
Cell #: 680-3567


Billie Sue Hoggard 
805 Craighead Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone #: 870-972-0204
Cell #: 870-926-5999


Barbara Weinstock
208 Wilkins
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone #: 870-935-1117


Max Render
3200 Moore Rd
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone # 870-935-7031
Cell #: 897-0490


Richard Rogers
4212 Cathedral Dr.
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone # : 870-243-0124


David Tennison
4310 Hallie Cove
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone #: 870-243-7831


Josh Longmire
PO Box 2293
Jonesboro, AR 72402
Phone #: 870-761″5674


Steve Cline

1415 CR 353
Bono, AR 72401
Cell #: 870-926-7184


Garry Meadows
252 CR 793
Brookland, AR 72417
Cell #: 870-919-3066


4638 HWY. 135 SOUTH
Home – 482-3996
Cell – 919-3154


Ray Kidd
3718 Hwy 463
Jonesboro, AR 72404
Phone #: 870-761-7727

Assessor’s Office

Eddie Thomas
Craighead County Assessor

Mr Thomas was born and raised in Caraway, Arkansas in the Eastern district of Craighead County, he now resides  in Jonesboro. He started in the assessment field in 1985, by going to work for the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department in Little Rock as a field auditor. While with the Assessment Coordination Department, he completed the courses required to become a Senior Appraiser, and the Administrative and Appraiser.


 In 1987, He went to work for Craighead County Assessor’s Office as an appraiser and worked under Janet Rorex Trevathan for sixteen years before running for office. Mr Thomas took office as the Assessor in 2001, and currently serving his sixth term in office. Married to the former Anita Qualls of Caraway, have three children, Kristi, Kayla, and Kirkley, and one grandson, Jack.

Assessment Office Duties

The duties of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list, and value all property in Craighead County which includes, personal property, real estate, and business personal property. Personal property is assessed from January 1 to May 31 each year. There is a 10% penalty for assessing after the May 31 deadline.

Real Estate Assessment

Real Estate assessment date is January 1. All new buildings need to be reported to our office. Craighead County is under a state mandated reappraisal; all property is reevaluated every three years.

Homestead Credits

Homestead credits are filed in our office. If you are not receiving the $350 homestead credit, please call our office to see if you qualify. If you are 100% disabled or 65 years old or older, you are entitled to freeze your assessment at the current value. In order to receive this benefit, we will need a copy of disability from the Social Security office, or copy of a birth certificate or driver’s license to determined age. These documents are required by our state auditors.