Road Department

Eugene Neff

Craighead County Road Superintendent

The Road Deptartment’s primary function is to take care of 1300 miles of paved and gravel road; 1100 miles gravel, and ~200 miles of hardsurface. The department is also responsible for drainage up and down the county road, and maintenance of the county’s road and bridge infrastructure. The County Road Department has its own Bridge Department as well. Since the bridge department’s inception, 350 wooden bridges have been replaced with new concrete bridges.

Eugene Neff is head of the Road Department.

The Road Department used to be located on two separate sides of the county, but is now housed in a central location on Moore Rd. The Black Oak location is still used to keep functionality.

The Road Department generally keeps a staff of around 60 employees to keep the county going. There are 5 road foremen.

The County Road Department has a budget of $5.5 million.