Tax Collector’s Office

Janice Robbins
Craighead County Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is the collector of taxes for the county and collects municipal, county, school and improvement district taxes and turns them over to the County Treasurer. The Collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes from the first day of March to the 15th day of October during the calendar year after they are assessed.

Janiece was born and raised in the Childress community and graduated from Monette High school. She is married to Melvin Robbins and they have 2 children and 5 grandchildren and 4 great grand children.

Janiece has worked in the Collector’s office for the past 33 years. She worked for Andrew Easton for 10 years was the Chief Deputy for Collector Carol Ward for 19 years. She has been elected Craighead County Collector for two terms. She was elected in 2008 for the first 2 year term, and ran unopposed in 2010.

Janiece is a member of the Democratic Women and also the Democratic Club of Craighead County. She has completed several hours of classes in the Collector’s continuing education program sponsored by the Arkansas Association of Counties.