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Craighead County Assessor

Hannah Towell

Craighead County Assessors Office

511 Union St. #130

Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

(870) 933-457

Assessment Office Duties

The duties of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list, and value all property in Craighead County which includes, personal property, real estate, and business personal property. Personal property is assessed from January 1 to May 31 each year. There is a 10% penalty for assessing after the May 31 deadline. ASSESS PERSONAL PROPERTY

We’ve provided a link to the, which will allow you to assess your personal property online.

The purpose of this site is to provide an efficient method to reassess your personal vehicles with the Assessor’s Office. This site may only be used by individuals who have provided an active email address to the Assessor’s Office and assessed in Craighead County last year.

THE DEADLINE TO COMPLETE YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT IS MAY 31ST. The Assessor’s Office is required by law to add a 10% penalty to your personal property account if you assess after May 31st.

 Please note that changes performed in the Assessor’s Office for this year may not be reflected on this site, as records are only updated periodically.


 Fax: 870-933-4522


Real Estate Assessment

Real Estate lien date is the first Monday in January every year. All new buildings need to be reported to our office. Craighead County is under a state mandated reappraisal cycle, which requires all property to be reevaluated every five years.

Homestead Credits

If you are not receiving the $350 homestead credit on your real estate, please call our office to see if you qualify. If you are 100% disabled, you are entitled to freeze your homestead (real estate) at its current value. In order to receive this benefit, we require proof of disability from the Social Security Administration. The real estate value freeze is also available to those who are 65 years or older. We require a copy of your driver’s license or birth certificate for proof of age. These required documents are mandated by our state auditors.

Dates to remember in 2018

 Deadline to assess: May 31st

Assessments after May 31st will receive a 10% late penalty

Taxes are due by October 15th

EQ Board First Meeting on August 1st

Deadline to make appointment with EQ Board: August 15th

 Personal Property

Phone: (870) 933-4570  Fax: (870) 933-4522

Real Estate

Phone: (870) 933-4572  Fax:  (870) 933-7722